Friday, January 11, 2013

This moment

This post is inspired from the great blog of SouleMama

It will be a Friday ritual.

Just a single photo without words - capturing a simple and beautiful moment I want to pause and remember from the week.

Treasures from the Garden

It's the beginning of January and most of the days are still sunny and its very pleasant outside and we take advantage of every minute is sun to spend outdoors in the crisp air.

I not really a winter girl but this year it feels good. It's not that cold yet and I can spend most of the day outside and that makes me happy.

The earth feels good too, you can see it.

Every day the girls and I walk around the farm and enjoy finding little treasures.

I discovered mushrooms this year, oh mushrooms….so tasty! I feel the forest with every bite.

An friend of mine who has been picking winter mushrooms for many years taught me which mushrooms are safe for cooking and which aren't. It's such a delight searching for them amongst the fallen leaves by the trees. Picking and preparing them for lunch.

Our pecan tree has had a good year too, I have never seen such a large amount of nuts on the ground for many years now.

The Daffodils and Cyclamen are blooming.

All is left is to fantasize about my vegetable garden…I already have the place set out and the desire, now I have to be just a bit more patient until February is over…and plant everything I can lay my hands on.

Have a wonderful week full of treasures.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Welcome 2013!!

2013 began few days ago and I feel full of energy as if something has changed.

I want to thank 2012 from the bottom of my heart, really. It was an amazing year, it had its difficulties and was full of challenges and changes.

I waited for her for a long time. I waited to have a baby, waited to move into my spacious home. It all happened in one year. 
It was the first year of my little Geffen's life. A year full of renovations and building a new home, and here is 2013 and we are sitting in our beloved new home. The girls have grown and I feel a change.

Today was a perfect day.

I did Reiki for the first time in our new home. I waited a long time to do it and somehow I kept finding excuses, it has been a month since we moved in and finally sat on the couch. We built a corner in the bedroom for me called "The Ashram" which was designed Reiki treatment. Today with no special planning or intention I just stopped everything I was doing and put on wonderful calming music, I lit candles and began the treatment. I was so excited; I can't remember a treatment I had done to myself where I felt so moved. Something was there, something wonderful.

Parts from my "Ashram"

The remainder of the day was dedicated to beads. Yet another thing I haven't done for a while. I cleaned new beads, tidied up, photographed and started uploading them in my store.
In the afternoon the girls returned to me. We had lunch that Gili made and played.  
In the afternoon I returned to the studio, sat down at my glass corner and made beads. I enjoyed myself so much. I think they came out really well.(will show them in other post)
Back home, kisses for my beautiful girls.
In the evening I went to a yoga class.

Did I already say I had a perfect day…?

A wonderful start to 2013

Wishing everyone a wonderful year filled with good experiences.
Good night