Thursday, November 1, 2012

Almost ready...

We are approaching the end of the renovations, unbelievable.
The house is almost ready to move in, all is left is the garden and that it!
It did take longer than expected and winter is almost here but we made it.

9 months of renovations. Full of decisions and more decision, compromises, constraints, innovations, inventions and love.

We took a big old house with a farm attached and turned into ours. We haven’t moved into it yet but it already feels mine, mine, mine.
The earth plaster that embraces the entire family floor, mud walls with organic circles, warm  flooring that remind me of Toscana, colorful tiles, my parent's antique cabinet taken from their house, the special stairs made from wood that Gili built. There is so much more. I truly love this house

I can't wait to be living there already with Gili and the girls
I can't wait to style it and pour some soul into it.
I want to sleep, cook, play, love and live in it.

So, between nursing, hugging, meetings and lampworking, our house was being built.
Shortly little feet will be running around all around.


*Soon there will a bigger post with before and after pictures of the house, with the stages we went through, recommendations and more.


  1. Looks Amazing ! Enjoy your new place :)

  2. Just came across from Soulemama. Oh wow! Double wow!! That's the most amazing house EVER!!!

    1. Thanks soooooooooooooooo much!! :-)
      2 more weeks and we moving in..