Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Holiday of Light- Late post...

It been two weeks since the Holiday of Hannuka … but it batter late then ever..Right? :-)

The holiday this year was packed with activities.

We celebrated at Drori's kindergarten; it was wonderful seeing her dance and sing and getting all excited from the party and the audience.
We said Goodbye to my beloved sister whom I will not see for a long, long time, we hiked, had a chocolate day (a treat after a scary blood test), played together, hosted guests and enjoyed all the green surrounding us.

I love this holiday, the holiday of light. The winter holiday that always brings a feeling of intimacy with it. The Family gathers together in the evening, lighting candles and singing beautiful songs. This year the light had arrived to our new home and we are happy.

Each evening the Hannukia is lit, here we are at dinner and dessert is home made Hannuka doughnuts.

Here are moments from the past week

Love and light to all,


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