Saturday, November 10, 2012

Studio time – new beads for my new home

I'm excited…throughout the entire building and renovation process of the house I kept thinking to myself how and where I can incorporate my beads into the house, how I should leave my mark here and there…a few days ago a great idea came..
Last week the contractor who is building our banister came by. A lovely and professional person called Gal Zohar. We had searched for a long time for someone and we thought the entire move would be delayed because of the banister but finally the exact person we were looking for arrived. I love it when those kinds of things happen, we spent weeks searching, made appointments with tradesmen and they didn't arrive, eventually the right person came. He understands what we are looking for and the atmosphere of the house. And the most exciting part is that he came up with the idea to incorporate my beads into the bannister. What a fantastic idea! It is the perfect place to infuse with color.

So the bannister is ready and all its waiting for are the beads :-)
I started working on them this week.  It's exciting to sit in front of the torch and make a bead that will be part of my home, Beads that will stay with me forever. I have a lot of work ahead of me and a lot of beads to make and it's wonderful!

I can't wait to see the finished bannister.
(By the way, did you notice the gorgeous little birds I have on the bannister? Oh, I love them)

Apart from the beads, I also managed to make a few more hair clips, they are drying right now and will shortly have a coat of shiny smooth enamel and placed in my marmalade store.
I made new logo for my shop in Marmelada Market

I also photographed some of the pictures for the  "Bindu dream collage" for children's rooms.


Have a wonderful and creative week.

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