Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A period ends….

Last week little Geffen went to her caregiver for the first time.
3 days a week she spends the morning with her till 13.00.

It’s the end of a period, a period where she and I spent 24 hours a day together. A period where I always knew what was going on with her, what she's doing, what she needs. It's hard to let go…
The first two days I felt at a loss at home without her, I walked around, tried to clean and tidy up, I couldn't bring myself to sit and work. I worried about her despite being totally confident with her caregiver whom I love very much.
After a couple of times where we both had settled in to the new situation, I began working. Suddenly I have time alone in the studio, it was quiet and I felt a different energy. 
I'm working again.
I torched, prepared some more hair pins and pendants, ordered supplies, photographed and happily entertained visitors in the studio.

Wish you all a beautiful and safe week!


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