Thursday, December 20, 2012

Saying goodbye

What an insane week we've had, Hannuka celebrations, many family meals and amongst the excitement of moving to our new home and the constant changes an air of sadness loomed above us.

My big sister is leaving the country to live in Australia. Excuse my being slightly dramatic but it really is a drama for me and my family. We are very close knit and we love meeting up and spending time together, endless phone conversations, family meals and outings. 

Now the family is splitting up, it's hard to say goodbye, very hard…

My sister, who is three years older than me, and I, have a very special relationship. As young girls we played together and spent a lot of time together, had mutual friends and most times people thought we were twins. The years have gone by and we grew up in a warm and loving home. We developed in different directions, found out how different we are from one another and yet stayed very, very loving and close.

It is difficult for me that she is leaving. It's difficult for me knowing how difficult it is for her…it's difficult knowing I won't be seeing her for a long time (why Australia of all places ??!! who has that kind of money for plane tickets to Australia?)

I love her; I love her husband and their amazing daughter whose sweetness just drips off her.

The moments before we say goodbye

Saying goodbye to our mom

goodbye sweet Aloni

I wish them all the success and happiness.
May they enjoy, grow, develop and come back to us soon, because they are already missed.

I love you Idan.

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