Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bonfires and fairs

I'm going through some hectic days.
It's an intense period of holidays with a lot of meals, customs and festive atmosphere all around. I had been busy mainly organizing my work and preparing for the Succoth fair that I participated in.
Each year at Succoth there is a lovely fair at EinGev, on the shores of our wonderful Kinneret, full of activities for the kids, art stalls and a great atmosphere.
So I prepared more girls pendants of all sorts (mainly kitty because they are the first to sell…) I also found myself preparing (with great pleasure) vintage style pictures in pastel shades for children's rooms. Suddenly it happened. I began playing with all the papers, fabrics, laces and knickknacks strewn around and I began putting together little, unique pictures. So much fun to make! They made their debut at the fair; I am totally in love with them :-)

The fair this year was less busy than last year but I enjoyed the company and the beautiful view. 
Here are a few pictures of my mother's stall.

On  Monday morning I barely managed to wake up and felt fatigued the whole day. In the evening Gili decided enough lounging about and we should make a bonfire on the lawn (or what is left of it after drying it up for the move, which hurts because it was the lawn we were married on). We collected wood, mattresses and suddenly the evening started looking promising. Something stirred and all four of us started smiling, laughing and enjoying ourselves.
It was a fun evening. Just us and pizza :)

Wish you all wonderful days!

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