Friday, September 28, 2012

My "To do" List

Home and Farm:
·       create a warm, inviting new home full of love
·        educate our girls to a simple, natural and healthy life
·        grow a vegetable garden
·        build a small shed in the garden for chickens and enjoy their eggs
·        eat the vegetable that have grown in our garden
·        build an outside shower and use it under the stars or sun
·       plant flowers in the garden
·       plant a lot of trees on the farm
·       turn the existing chicken coop into a free range egg compound
·        do gardening with the girls
·        paint the dark furniture
·        build a tree-house for the girls
·        organize the large shed on the farm
·        plant bougainvillea around the parkway

·       work a lot in the studio
·       Learn how to make glass cabochons'
·       Work on a line of girls pendants
·       Prepare pretty things for kindergartens and market them
·        combine more natural material in my day to day life and in my art
·        manage to make a living from my art and slowly grow my business
·       Collect tons of crafting knick knacks (fabrics, buttons, pine cones…)
·       Learn how to make felt anthroposophic fairies

For myself:
·       Listen to good music at least an hour a day
·       Do reiki a few times a week
·       manage to feel connected to the force of the universe in my day to day being
·       Spend time in the wonderful waters of the sea of galilee
·       Go overnight camping for two every few months
·       Travel overseas once a year
·       Return to India, to the mountains
·       Open my own blog and share moments of inspiration from my life
·       Live a simple life
·        be satisfied with what I have yet dream for more
·       Spend a lot of time out in nature
·       Eat healthier
·       Get dressed up in skirts and colorful clothes
·       Spend relaxing time with Gili
·       Be surrounded in green
·       Learn to accept people as they are, but really.
·       Get a large tattoo on my right hand.


  1. Yes. Beautiful. I have found you today via SoulMama and I can see that you are a lovely soul that will have many of the dreams on your "to do" fulfilled. Keep dreaming. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much, Danielle!!
      I really hope so :-)
      All the best!