Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Holiday surprises

Holidays are such fun.
The most wonderful is the day of the Holiday evening. There's a different and festive atmosphere in the air, you can already feel it first thing in the morning when you wake up.
The radio plays Israeli songs that I love, I call my Mom to ask her how things are coming together with the preparations and cooking (she won't have anyone help her…) and what's for dessert…Munching on a sandwich for lunch because I know the evening meal is going to be a huge dinner with the tastiest delicacies. The best part is the afternoon nap with all of us on the big bed, hugging, kissing and tickling. Then a Phone call to my sisters to coordinate arrival time, excited about seeing each other soon, giving each other small presents bought with love, dressed with our festive clothes and on our way. 
Driving past cars filled with families dressed for the holiday dinner always excites me. It's great to know there are so many people going to their families, to celebrate together, eat well, laugh and wish everyone a wonderful new year.
The holidays at my family is not something of little importance…the planning begins with my Mother two weeks in advance. She plans, buys, designs the table as only she can. She cooks, cooks and then cooks some more, oh her food is so delicious! And the atmosphere she creates is so special. (Take a peek to see part of her work; she has a style of her own)

This time she designed and decorated the table so beautifully it was a shame to take it apart at the end of the meal…
The centerpiece was a beautiful wooden planter (custom made for the occasion) and inside she planted flowers and plants in shades of purple, blue and white.
Each plate had a lovely personal honey cakes delicately wrapped and next to it a small plate which was divided into three: a pomegranate, apple and honey according to the custom of the holiday. The cutlery was tied and wrapped with a piece of lace with a heart and a personal dedication for a happy new year.

So much love in that table…
My darling Mother – I love you, your dedication, your creativity and the family that you gloriously raised.

For the New Year I caught a glimpse of my Geffen's first tooth. What joy. It surprises me how it moves me. It won't be too long before we won't be see that toothless smile that I love so much. Things change so quickly…
Here is the sweetest smile there is – the toothless smile

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