Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crafting is fun!

My baby is 8 months old, so big!
I've been at home with her for 8 months, caring for her and loving her.
I Feed, laugh, clean, go for walks with her and am amazed by her constantly. I thought things would be less exciting with the second child but that is so untrue. Every new thing she does moves me and brings a smile to my face.

Before the birth I worked at least 4-5 hours a day in the studio, mainly in the bead section but also painting on chained pendants. The routine of getting up in the morning, organizing Dror for Kindergarten, getting a cup of coffee and going to the studio until lunch time was wonderful and prolific, yet somehow I always felt like I was chasing after my own tail and not managing to get everything done. Today, when I have barely an hour here or there to spend in the studio, I fail to understand how once upon a time I felt that five hours in the studio was not enough for me...

Over the past 8 months at home I have found myself doing a lot of crafting, simple and enjoyable. It's as though all my creative drive and need to be in the studio was channeled into crafting small things, here at home with whatever was available.

Dror celebrated her 5th birthday and I decided to prepare her a full on Fairy themed birthday.
Fabrics, buttons, glitter, lace, glues, special papers and more were always scattered around the keyboard, printer and basically at hands reach from any point in the house. 
I prepared a golden crown for my birthday fairy, flag chains for decoration, glittery wands and little presents for every fairy friend (fairy bookmark and felt hairclip made from lovely buttons I purchased here 
And of course lots and lots of pink sweets. :-)

(More pictures available on my facebook page) 
The truth is that I love crafting! 
so I gladly accepted a request from Drors Kindergarten teacher to prepare birthday garlands and upgrade the birthday board. I started playing and constructing with materials and paints.

Golden birthday garland for girls and silver birthday garland for boys

Happy birthday chair

I've started renovating the papier mache "giraffe chair" for the kindergarten; let's wait to see how it ends up..

All the best,

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