Thursday, September 6, 2012

I can smell the change in the air..

Early September, first post.
A month of beginnings, birthday, cool and "different" air outside and the atmosphere is different. I love this month, it holds so much in it.
The Jewish New Year is just around the corner and that is always exciting.

Here I am, opening a blog. It's symbolic to me that this happened in September, without planning, but after a lot of thought. I love it when things like that happen. I love the moments where I suddenly notice and get excited from the connection to the power of the universe.
I've given a lot of thought about the blog. Yes, No, should I, maybe, sure, hmmmm… I asked myself why I want to write. There are a number of reasons but I think that it all boils down to my need to catch and pay attention to certain moments in my life. Simple moments in my day to day routine: Dror kissing little Gefen, daily work and creating in my studio, new beads waiting in the kiln, a tiny kitten (that decided to adopt us..) sitting in Gefen's lap, all of us sitting around the small table in the living room enjoying a delicious lunch, renovating the old house on the farm, a corner in my studio in the middle of work, noticing how the Cypress tree in my yard has suddenly grown to tall and almost touches the sky.
Dror paint this summer painting (and also took the photo

These little kittens just came out of nowhere..they know I will love them

I feel like I'm going on an adventure. I may be overzealous but it doesn't matter. I'm glad it is happening.

A few days ago, during the renovations in the house, my oxygen regulator broke, meaning I can't work on my beads in the glass area of my studio until I can install a new one. Not making beads sucks! But on the other hand I find myself working on new pendants for girls and I'm enjoying every moment. It is always fun rummaging through children books and pictures searching for inspiration and interesting paintings and then to sit in the studio with goods music and paint so delicately and in small details. The situation of painting on a small pendant hanging on a chain gives me a sense of tranquility. It's hard to explain but painting in miniature demands inner quiet and immense concentration because every miniscule touch of the brush counts.

A couple of new pendants for girls in work

Some of my recent beads

May you all have a wonderful week, full of little moments of happiness.