Wednesday, October 10, 2012

She is so like me….

Ever since Dror was born I am constantly told how much she is like Gil. It's true, her coloring and long eyelashes…what fun it is as she grows older to see she is becoming more like me. We laugh at the same things, we're both scared of spiders, dance and sing almost all day long and both share a passion for creating. All day she "works hard" (in her words) doing arts and crafts, pasting, cutting, planning and preparing, folding, collecting beads, shells, papers and fabric…a mini-me!

 I love watching her sit in her little room surrounded by cut paper everywhere, singing songs and creating. The floor is always messy from glue and paints and she just looks up at me with a look that says " I have no choice, I have to work.."

I can't wait to move into the new house and organize her craft corner properly. A wooden table and chair specifically for crafting, with a lot of baskets for all the knickknacks she collects, a little studio corner of her own.

Today I put her down to sleep, told her a magical story I made up...(who needs a story from a book when mom makes up magical stories that oddly has thing in it that fit in to what is happening in her life…) gave her a kiss, sweet dreams, I turned off the light. After a few minutes I heard rustling noises…I turned on the light and there she is, sitting on the floor with paper, scissors, glue, beads and colors…I look at her and she is so special… she glances up and sees me…"mommy I have to work. I have an idea…its ok isn't it?"

I love you my little artist.

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